Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news?  The Facilitators Studio has a new home for the upcoming session in May and we’re looking forward to the new opportunities this will bring to your experience in the workshop!

The Facilitators Studio has teamed up with the

Denver Center Theatre Academy

at the

Denver Center Theatre Company

  With this new partnership, comes a whole new way to experience the three-day intensive workshop… on stage!

We sat down with Tam Dalrymple Frye, Academy Director at the Denver Center Theatre Academy to catch up on all the news.

FS:  What is the Denver Center Theatre Academy?

TDF:  The Academy is the education department for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts here in Denver, Colorado.  The performing arts center is one of the largest in the nation, we have eight theatres.  Our education department, the Academy, has been offering classes to the public (children two years old all the way through the  adults) for twenty years now.

FS:  Why did you partner with The Facilitators Studio?

TDF: One, we have a lovely theatre.  It seats 188 seats.  But it also just makes sense… the presentation skills that actors learn and that they demonstrate on stage is a skill.   It’s a skill that anybody can learn.  When I heard that they’d been taking hotel rooms and turning them into theatres, it seemed obvious to just provide the theatre.  And we’re just so delighted that they’re coming.

FS:  What does the Denver Center Theatre Academy do?

TDF:  The Denver Center Theatre Academy was established in 1992 as an education department of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.   Plus, we serve another 10,000 students in the schools by sending artists out into the schools and using theatre to teach history and language arts and science.  We have a very popular one called The Anatomy of Hip Hop.

FS:  What should out-of-towners know about Denver?

TDF:  A lot of people presume that Denver is a cow-town.  It’s not a cow-town.  You can get a really good steak, but it not’s a cow-town.   We are very proud of our cultural institutions.  As a matter of fact, they always site that we sell as many tickets to the opera, symphonies and plays as we do all of our national football, baseball and hockey teams.  So I think that’s a pretty impressive statistic.

FS:  Participants will have the option to stay at Hotel Teatro, just adjacent to the workshop stage.  What is Hotel Teatro like?

TDF:  Hotel Teatro is a beautiful hotel.  I actually got to stay there on my anniversary with my husband.  The Denver Center Theatre Company, part of our branch, was the one that was asked to help decorate it with our old costumes and props and posters.  It’s very elegantly done and they have two amazing restaurants.

FS:  Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today!

TDF:  I hope [your readers] do get a chance to come check out Denver this May at The Facilitators Studio!

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