New Year – New Discipline

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”

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     – Clint Eastwood

Managing Yourself

You’ve made your resolutions for the year, set your goals and are ready to embark upon your plan for 2012.   When it comes time to seize the opportunites for which you’ve planned, how will you manage yourself and measure your performance to ensure the goal is acheived?

In The Facilitators Studio, we spend three intensive days teaching a revolutionary new way to improve organizational results and culture from within group settings.   We use The Facilitator Competency Model to identify and measure 12 skills, or chops, that make up the Extraordinary Facilitator.

As you might have guessed, one of the twelve Facilitator Chops is self-discipline.  We challenge you to consider the following chop (and sub-chops), rate yourself and then take action to improve your self-discipline.

Self-Discipline Chops:

A profound and accurate picture of one’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities is necessary for effective self-management.

1.  Demonstrates Adaptability – The Extraordinary Facilitator makes course corrections with ease and accuracy based on the needs of the group.

1         2         3         4         5        Total: _____

 2.  Shows Self-Awareness – The Extraordinary Facilitator publicly acknowledges his/her personal impact on the group dynamic.

1        2         3         4         5        Total:_____

3.  Develops One’s Self –  The Extraordinary Facilitator regularly asks for feedback to improve his/her performance in the learning room.  The Extraordinary Facilitator stays abreast of current best practices in the field.

1         2         3         4         5        Total:_____

Using the rating scale where 1 is lowest and 5 is highest, you can increase your awareness and commitment to self-management and self-discipline.

Perhaps we’ll see you at an upcoming session of The Facilitators Studio where you can look this chop square in the eye and say, “Go ahead, make my day.

The above contains excerpts from the book by Barry Shapiro, “Casting Call in the Theatre of Corporate America.”

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